Mintless, Self-Sustaining Yield Generation

xTAO applies a 3% fee to each transaction and instantly splits that fee among all holders, with a unique twist.



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xTAO Yield Generation

Powering the next generation of Reflective tokens, with a twist.

Redefining passive earning with

xTAO combines RFI static rewards with self-sustaining yield farms which allow holders to earn rewards via reflections after every transaction. These transaction fees also allow xTAO to have self-sustaining LP yield farms that never run out of rewards without ever minting a new token.

  • 3% TX fee charged on every xTAO transaction
  • 2% automatically and instantly distributed to holders
  • 1% locked in xTAO staking contract for LP farmers

Increasing holder distributions with
custom dApps.

xTAO was built with dApp integrations in mind. A 3% static transaction
fee is enough to self-sustain the LP farms and reward holders while also not
being too high to prevent dApp integrations. Here are some dApp ideas:

  • -NFT marketplace where fees are distributed to xTAO holders via reflections
  • -AMM where pairs route through xTAO which triggers a xTAO static reflection
  • -Lottery where fees for tickets automatically apply a xTAO static reflection

In these above cases, the fees from the dApps would essentially be the xTAO
transaction fee which is automatically distributed to xTAO holders.

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dApps Powered by xTAO

Community Driven & Maintained

xTAO dApps have automated fee reflections built in. As more users interact with the dApps, xTAO holders earn more from transaction distributions.

Are you a dAPp developer looking to build your next great idea? Incorporating xTAO reflective mechanisms in your dApp can make you eligible for receiving a xTAO grant.

Get in touch on Telegram.

Incentivizing Liquidity
Not Forcing It

Instead of force adding liquidity after every transaction, xTAO incentivizes users to provide liquidity by allowing LP holders to stake their LP tokens and earn xTAO.

The staking pool that provides rewards for xTAO LP stakers also receives part of the TX distributions, making it self-sustainable. Forever.

Liquidity Incentives

Did xTAO have a fair launch?

Absolutely. There was no pre-sale, no private investors, and no ICO. 98% of tokens at launch were either locked or burned with 2% used to supply initial AMM distribution. View xTAO distribution

How do I claim xTAO earned by holding?

After every transaction, xTAO TX distributions are automatically sent to all holder wallets automatically and instantly. You don't need to claim or do anything.

What is the max total supply?

The total max supply of xTAO is 25m. There are no mint functionalities in any of the code so this number can never be higher.

Where can I see price charts and stats?

You can view charts, stats, and analytics here.

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