Provable Transparency

xTAO had a provably fair launch and the initial token distribution can be found below.

No Private Investors & No ICO
No Tokens allocated for "team wallet"
2000+ Holders

xTAO Launch

No pre-sale, no private investors, initial distribution via AMM.

xTAO's approach towards

A lot of tokens that have fair launches put all the circulating supply in the AMM at launch. This is problematic as it allows devs and early whales to buy a large percent of the supply right at launch.

TAO only provided 2% of the total token supply to the AMM at launch, the rest were either burned or locked in a staking contract that slowly emits TAO over time without ever minting a new token. Here are some benefits:

  • - No whales / early buyers bought more then 1% of the total supply at launch
  • - The staking contract slowly releases TAO into circulation over time
  • - Anyone is able to stake their LP tokens and earn xTAO from staking.
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What are the tokens provided in the
TAO migration?

xTAO is the evolution of TAO. All holders were able to migrate their
TAO tokens for xTAO at a 1:1 swap rate. 16% of xTAO's total supply was
provided for this migration.

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